Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skull and Bones Member Dana Milbank Claims Link Between Anti-Government Views and Racism: Washington Post Columnist Gives The Big Government/Skull and Bones Propaganda Line

Washington Post columnist for big government Dana Milbank reports:
The anti-government strain of thought that Bundy advanced has been intertwined with racist and anti-Semitic views over several decades. Not all people who resist the authority of the federal government are motivated by race, of course, and not all racists are anti-government. But there is a long symbiosis between the two.
Speaking of anti-semitism , Dana Milbank has been linked to an organization in which prominent members financed Adolph Hitler. After all, Dana Milbank can't deny being a member of Skull and Bones? Does Dana Milbank see a symbiosis between Skull and Bones and racism???