Thursday, April 24, 2014

Amazon said to be testing its own shipping network: Going up against the likes of UPS and FedEx, the Internet retailer is reportedly looking to boost its delivery game.

CNET reports:
Amazon appears to be aiming for delivery domination. In addition to fresh grocery and dry goods deliveries, and even possible deliveries by drone, the world's largest Internet retailer is now reportedly testing its own shipping network, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Going up against giants like UPS and FedEx, Amazon is reportedly looking to take over the delivery of items in the final segment of the shipping journey, or the "last mile," according to the Journal. The company is also said to be working to deliver goods to customers the same day they're purchased.

"Amazon is growing at a faster speed than UPS and FedEx, who are responsible for shipping the majority of our packages," Amazon wrote in a recent job posting on its Web site, according to the Journal. "At this rate Amazon cannot continue to rely solely on the solutions provided through traditional logistics providers. To do so will limit our growth, increase costs and impede innovation in delivery capabilities... Last Mile is the solution to this. It is a program which is going to revolutionize how shipments are delivered to millions of customers."
Amazon channels it's inner Lysander Spooner.