Sunday, March 09, 2014

Obamacare: Fifteen percent of Covered California enrollees haven't paid

The San Jose Mercury reports:
With less than a month left to sign up for private insurance under the federal health care law, California's enrollment numbers are closing in on the magic number of 1 million as 8,000 people sign up every day.

If only everyone would pay their premiums.

Roughly 15 percent of the Californians who had enrolled by Jan. 31 still haven't sent in their first month's payment, according to four major health insurance companies participating in the Covered California exchange. So those lofty enrollment numbers could soon be dropping substantially.

"In order to receive access to health care, they need to pay their premiums," said Brad Kieffer, a spokesman for Health Net.
The great moments of ObamaCare! #Obamafail.