Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The big money club and interest only loans: Housing bubble favorite of interest only loans back in the market for wealthy households.

Dr. Housing Bubble reports:
There is little doubt that growing wealth and income inequality is a reality in the United States. Even in California we can see this microcosm unfold dramatically. You have people being pushed inland from coastal areas and those near employment hubs have seen housing values reach near peak levels. What we are also seeing is that access to debt is the key measure of success in this economy. For example, the bubble favorite of interest only loans is back but with a different flavor. Banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Union Bank are back at it underwriting interest only loans to wealthier clients. The big difference is that you need to have money to play in this current market. Banks are holding onto these loans in their own portfolios. Not a bad way to earn money in a low rate environment. So this hits at the heart of the issue where Fed policy has largely aided those least needing it in a modern day feudal banking network. For example, you can buy a $1,000,000 home today with a 3 year interest only mortgage and carry a principal and interest payment of $1,562 per month. Impossible? Welcome to the modern banking system where low rates are accessible to those who least need it.
In a free market in housing and banking: collateral is demanded. You'll not hear Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi call for the end of interest only loans backed up by the Federal Reserve.