Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Skull and Bones Member Dana Milbank Accuses The Koch Brothers of trying to " Shape The Midterm Outcome"

Skull and Bones member Dana Milbank uses his Washington Post column to attack the Koch brothers and tell the lie that the super-rich are mostly Republicans:
The billionaire Koch brothers and other mega-donors are expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars this year to shape the midterm outcome, and Republicans enjoy a healthy majority of the super-rich. The Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity has already spent millions targeting vulnerable Democrats.
Dana Milbank is either a lazy hack or a liar. The modern day Democrat party has many members who are billionaires. After all, Barack Obama won Henry Waxman's wealthy district by a landslide. No word yet on when Dana Milbank is going to write a column on Warren Buffett or George Soros trying to influence elections.