Saturday, February 15, 2014

(Video ) Obama Supporter Diana Rauner: " ... We Are Very Excited About President Obama Who Learned A Lot Of What He Learned From Chicago and The Advocacy Efforts of Many of Us..."

Radical Democrat Diana Rauner- who's married to fake Illinois Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner- shows how excited she is about President Barack Obama's agenda. Go to the 11:30 marker of the video for her ringing endorsement of big, activist government. Is Bruce Rauner the candidate of the Illinois Democrat party???? Diana gave her speech at the private school North Shore Country Day in Winnetka, Illinois (how ironic). Diana wants Illinois taxpayers to pay for universal pre-school. Here's the quote:
First of all we are very excited about President Obama who learned a lot of what he learned from Chicago and the advocacy efforts of many of us has brought pre-school for all a Chicago and Illinois creation to the entire country and that's the name of his new early childhood program.
Diana Rauner is excited about the Democrat party agenda which she intends to push if her husband becomes the Republican Governor.