Saturday, February 08, 2014

Obama Recovery Vs. Reagan Recovery: Average Jobs Monthly Growth Only 145,000 Vs. 244,000 Under Reagan

Zerohedge reports:
The difference between the Old and New Normal is even more acute when one looks at the change in average monthly job gains over the "recovery" period: as noted, in 1986 the duration of the rate drop period was 43 months, where currently it has taken 52 months. This means that the Obama recovery has resulted in just 145K job additions on average per month while the unemployment rate has dipped from 10.0% to 6.6%, compared to the far more impressive 244K - and indicative of a real recovery - that marked the 1983-1986 period.
How long before Common Core math from the Obama regime tells you too many jobs means a lack of free time to be an artist??