Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Norman Lear Linked College Professor Wants to Use Propaganda Techniques to Promote Climate Change

Professor Marty Kaplan channels his inner Joseph goebbels over at the Huffington Post:
Imagine if film-, video- and game-makers, musicians, photographers, screenwriters, graphic novelists, comedians, actors, essayists and fashionistas were inspired to tell the tale of climate change. Think of what designers, logo makers, branders and advertisers could contribute. Picture entertainment and sports celebrities using their fame to spread the message. Take advantage of the insights of pollsters, market researchers, audience analysts, big data crunchers, behavioral scientists, neuroscientists, social scientists. Ask doctors and public health experts to tell us what carbon and methane pollution already are doing to our bodies, and how global warming is spreading infectious diseases where they haven't penetrated before. Build alliances and coalitions with environmental advocates, grass roots movements, NGOs, religious and business leaders, philanthropists and foundations, mayors whose cities are threatened by floods, skiers who can't find snow, farmers and ranchers devastated by drought, indigenous peoples facing extinction, young people who can't believe how inadequate, even insane, the world's response has been so far. Make the narrative so compelling that the news media won't be able to escape covering it -- and not just as a one-day summit story, but as the most important story of our time.
Elitists that want to destroy the middle class by raising energy prices.