Wednesday, February 19, 2014

L.A. Times Editorial-The wrong way to fix Obamacare: The administration sets a bad precedent by unilaterally easing deadlines and weakening rules.

The L.A. Times reports:
The sprawling 2010 Affordable Care Act has proved so hard to implement that the Obama administration has delayed or waived multiple provisions of the law in the hope of avoiding even more breakdowns and confusion. Last week the administration put off for another year the requirement that larger employers provide coverage for some or all of their workers. It's also reportedly considering a longer delay in implementing the law's minimum standards for insurance policies. Although the administration may have the right motives, its aggressive use of executive power to change deadlines and weaken requirements sets an unwelcome precedent. It also risks subverting some of the goals of the law the president is trying to protect.

The liberal editorial board of the L.A. Times is concerned. After all, a future President might sign an executives order calling a full time worker someone who works 168 hours a week.