Monday, February 24, 2014

Hollywood struggles in antipiracy clashes with Silicon Valley

McClatchy reports:
The fight began as a suit between two bloggers over a rude hand gesture, but when lawyers representing two of California's signature industries showed up in federal court in Boston, it became part of a growing battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley over the rules governing how and where creative works can be used.

For decades, Hollywood practically owned the laws that protect copyrights and other forms of intellectual property. The studios and their allies in the music industry dominated congressional debates whenever the laws came due for an overhaul.

Now, however, Congress has launched an update of the nation's copyright law - most of which predates not just the Internet, but even widespread use of computers. And as the legislation proceeds along a lengthy path, the Hollywood lobby is struggling not to get outmaneuvered by an emboldened and increasingly sophisticated coalition of Silicon Valley technology firms, digital rights groups and free marketeers.