Monday, February 24, 2014

Farrakhan on Gay Marriage: ' God has never sanctioned that kind of behavior'- Obama Linked Preacher Rails Against Pro-Gay Preachers in front of 18,000 people

USA Today reports on big Barack Obama supporter Louis Farrakhan:
In a fiery speech Sunday delivered to 18,000 at Joe Louis Arena, Minister Louis Farrakhan blasted the judicial systems in the U.S. as being biased against African Americans, calling upon the community to set up their own courts.
There' s more:
Farrakhan railed against Christian pastors who endorse gay marriage, which he said contradicts the teachings of Christianity and Islam.

"God has never sanctioned that kind of behavior," Farrakhan said.
How many people in the Obama regime or tenured college professors will call for a boycott of the Nation of Islam??