Thursday, January 09, 2014

Number of major math changes for California students

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Math is getting a major makeover.

By fall, traditional textbooks mostly will be tossed aside in California classrooms. What's taught in each grade will get shuffled around and, often, merged. First-graders will get tiny tastes of algebra while learning to add, and middle school students will be exposed to statistics and geometry while still solving for X.

The changes are part of a national shift to Common Core standards, which identify the skills and topics to be taught at each grade level, with a focus on critical thinking and real-world applications rather than rote memorization.
The conspiracy to make public education even worse. You'll notice Barack Obama's children aren't going to be part of the Common Core experiment to make people dumber. Just a reminder: without rote memorization it will be very difficult for your child to advance to college no matter what some government worker tells you.