Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Justice Alito: Blago in Quid Pro Quo With Union

CNN reports on Justice Alito's understanding of Illinois politics and union corruption:
Near the end of the public session, Justice Samuel Alito raised the elephant-in-the-room issue, the suggestion the state's interest in having the union represent the home-care workers was about political payback.

"Do you think that the specific factual background of what occurred here provides a basis for skepticism about Illinois's reason for adopting this?"

The federal government's lawyer, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, replied the state -- as the "manager" of the Medicaid reimbursement program -- should not have its motives questioned.

"I thought the situation was that Gov. [Rod] Blagojevich got a huge campaign contribution from the union and virtually as soon as he got into office [in 2003] he took out his pen and signed an executive order that had the effect of putting, what was it, $3.6 million into the union coffers."
A little too much truth here.