Tuesday, January 07, 2014

It's Illegal to Put a Bike In Your Own Garage in S.F.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Kimberly Conley and Amandeep Jawa don't have a car, so they use their Mission District garage to store their bicycles - in direct violation of San Francisco law.

The couple, along with probably thousands of other San Franciscans, are scofflaws because of a little-known section of code that bars people from using garages to store anything but automobiles. The law went unnoticed until three months ago, when San Francisco attorney Gary Rabkin commented on its ridiculousness on a website dedicated to presenting city laws to the public in an easy-to-navigate format.

On Tuesday, Supervisor Mark Farrell will propose a measure to scrap the garage code
To progressives, it's not really "your garage" but part of some utilitarian scheme to serve society.