Monday, January 06, 2014

California's right pins hopes on transgender issue: Transgender-student fight seen as energizing the base

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Conservative activists will have a better idea this week of whether their ballot measure to overturn new protections for California's transgender students will appear before voters in November.

If it does, conservatives believe it could change the dynamics of an otherwise sleepy 2014 election year. The result could be a new round in the culture wars that would reverberate nationally - this time, over the rights of the estimated 700,000 transgender Americans.

It would also give California Republicans, facing long odds for major offices such as governor, perhaps their only reason to go to the polls this fall. The state's Republican Party has endorsed overturning the new law.

"This could get voters who wouldn't get out for other issues, but will for this," said Karen England, a longtime conservative activist who is co-chairing the Privacy for All Students campaign to put the measure on the ballot. "And I think this will stop any other state from introducing" similar legislation.
The struggles of Blue America.