Monday, December 23, 2013

Judicial Watch Asks Court to Invalidate Unconstitutional Obamacare Power Grab

Big Government reports:
our out of control president recently rewrote Obamacare for the 14th time by eviscerating, through sheer fiat, the individual mandate. The disruption will be massive. Americans who followed the law will be made once again into suckers, and Establishment DC will tsk-tsk. Congressional Democrats are stricken by their Obamacare disaster, so they do nothing in the face of Obama’s acting on as a “one-man Congress.” And most Republicans are happy to take advantage of the situation politically, while doing nothing substantively to vindicate the Constitution and rescue Americans from the Obamacare scourge.

As is so often the case in matters of rule of law, Judicial Watch is happy to step into the leadership gap. We just made a key filing in an important lawsuit that seeks to force Obama to obey his own Obamacare law.