Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Flashback (Video) : When Senate Democrats Worried About the Lack of Snow and Global Warming

The Washington Post reports:
Last week, snow covered more than half of the continental United States, the highest this measure has reached by this date in a decade, according to government scientists.

As of Dec. 15, snow covered 53 percent of the Lower 48, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported. That’s a significantly higher portion than in recent years. In 2006, for example, snow covered just 12 percent of those states on the same date, according to Climate Central, a climate news Web site.

November and early December have also been quite chilly for much of the country, below the 20th-century average, Climate Central noted. “With the noteworthy exception of Alaska, nearly every state was affected by the unusually cold air at some point during the November-to-December timeframe,” Climate Central reported.
Watch the short video down below to see how wrong Senator Boxer and gang were on the fear of snow going away because of global warming. Does Senator Boxer really belief the nonsense of global warming, or is she being paid off by special interest groups that want to limit the supply of energy ??