Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nancy Pelosi's Family and Their Embarrassing Past

Nancy Pelosi didn't get where she did without major political connections. Her father and brother made it to being Mayor of Baltimore. When Nancy talks about "cleaning the swamp" she could have been talking about her ethically challenged family. Her brother was charged with rape. Her father :
ran for Governor of Maryland in 1954, but was forced to drop out due to being implicated in receiving undeclared money from Dominic Piracci, a parking garage owner convicted of fraud, conspiracy, and conspiracy to obstruct justice
If you think this is just old news, check out her husband. Paul Pelosi is being sued:
California's sports and political worlds are colliding through the dormant United Football League franchise in Sacramento, with several coaches and employees suing owner Paul Pelosi - the millionaire husband of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco - claiming he failed to pay them after promising to do so.

Five employees of the Sacramento Mountain Lions - including former Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, who held the same position there - say Paul Pelosi, a real-estate investor and businessman, owes them $250,000, according to the suit filed this month in San Francisco Superior Court.

That would seem like pocket change to Pelosi. He and his wife, the top Democrat in the House, are worth $26 million, according to federal financial disclosure statements. Their investments range from real estate around the Bay Area to their vineyard and home in St. Helena.
The worst do make it to the top in politics.