Friday, February 22, 2013

$5M Jake Lew ‘windfall’: Treasury snag over ‘NYU IOU’

The New York Post reports:
It seemed like a sweet deal at the time, but the fat compensation package that Jack Lew banked as a top executive at NYU — which appears to have exceeded $5 million over four years — has become an obstacle to his confirmation to be the next Treasury secretary. Lew, President Obama’s former chief of staff, earned a salary of $840,000 when he joined the school as an executive vice president in 2002 — more than the nonprofit’s president — and his salary peaked at $907,000 the following year, according to NYU tax filings. But some of the best perks were in the fine print.
Why doesn't Jake Lew want to pay his "fair share"??? Great moments of Obama's 1%. When is Barack Obama going to ask NYU to pay its' "fair share" instead of being a tax dodger???