Tuesday, February 12, 2013

States, cities finding ways to tax businesses outside their borders

The Washington Guardian reports on the efforts to tax those without representation:
A Florida boat company was hit with a $376,000 tax bill from Michigan, despite the fact the company doesn't have any offices in that state. And the tax bill was even $100,000 higher than the total business that company did in Michigan. A Wisconsin trucking company was billed $1,300 - later reduced to $980 - by Nebraska just because its trucks drove through the state. New Jersey stopped a truck from Virginia and refused to release it unless the company paid $150,000. A California-based food company faced $180,000 from seven years of back taxes in Washington state, despite the fact it only had a single truck visit that state over the years.
The first Mayor Daley of Chicago said "those who don't vote , don't count."