Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flashback 2004: Blago Hires Eric Holder For Mafia Linked Project -The Ties That Bind Rezko, Holder, Blago and The Chicago Mob

Flashback 2004. Former Chicago Mob bookmaker, Governor Rod Blagojevich hires "ethically challenged" attorney, Eric Holder, to make the Chicago Mob linked town of Rosemont, Il. look clean . A whole lot of money was on the line for Blago, Tony Rezko, and the Chicago Mob:
The guy who has run Rosemont since its inception is Mayor Don Stephens. Twice the FBI has tried to nail Stephens, without success, which proves to some that he hires good lawyers and proves to his friends that he's getting a bad rap. Mayor Stephens, a Republican, also happens to be a longtime Blagojevich supporter. Stephens backed Blagojevich for the Illinois House, the U.S. Congress, and the governorship. Stephens' closest allies in the General Assembly have been deeply involved with helping Blagojevich pass his legislative agenda. And one of the governor's closest pals, Tony Rezko, had, until recently, an agreement with Stephens to build a hotel near the casino site.
Did you really think Barack Obama's Senate seat was the biggest thing Blago was going to sell? Anyway, even the AP took notice. So did Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. During Eric Holder's confirmation hearing for Attorney General, he "forgot" to mention this.