Monday, December 10, 2012

Reid: Michigan right-to-work legislation an 'assault' on unions

The Hill reports on Harry Reid speaking out against "the right to work" law coming to Michigan:
"This is a blatant attempt by Michigan Republicans to assault the collective bargaining process and undermine the standard of living it has helped foster," Reid said in a statement on Monday. "This effort continues a dangerous trend set by Republican-led state legislatures across the nation, and it is another instance of the Tea Party needlessly sowing division and setting Republicans' economic agenda.
Nevada has been a right to work state since 1951. Anyway, since Harry Reid feels the need to speak out in the defense of the middle class we can only assume he approves of Illinois' recent 67% increase in the state income tax and California's recent raising of the state sales tax on the middle class. We know Harry Reid approves of these tax increases because he hasn't spoken out against them.