Sunday, December 09, 2012

Rahm and Chicago Mob: Did O'Hare Contractor Commit Murder For High Ranking Made Member of Chicago Mob Pat Marcy?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is playing "cozy" with the Chicago Mob at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. But, there's more to this story. The guy featured in the WGN-TV report is none other than Richard Simon. FBI informant Robert Cooley wrote about Richard Simon in his monumental book When Corruption Was King. Cooley claims that Richard Simon did a favor for Chicago Mob boss Pat Marcy. Check out pages 128 and 129 where Cooley talks about Karen Koppel. Karen Koppel has now been missing for years. Here's Cooley on the subject of Karen Koppel, Pat Marcy, Ben Stein , and his driver Richard Simon:
When I asked Pat what happened to Karen, he told me, "Rick took care of that." Rick Simon was a crooked cop who had been Ben's driver and would one day take over his business. According to Pat, Ben decided to let her stay in his condo , but that wasn't enough. "She wanted $50,0000 or she was going to blow the whistle on him," he said.
Rahm Emanuel should look at his hands. You'll notice Richard Simon never sued Robert Cooley or the publisher of his book for the above quote. Here's more on Robert Cooley. Here's when Governor Rod Blagojevich ,was identified as paying street tax to the Chicago Mob, according to Robert Cooley.