Saturday, December 29, 2012

Newsalert Hits 3 Million Unique Visitors

We'd like to thank all of our readers for helping us reach the 3 million mark. We'd like to single out some individuals who helped us get there. Mickey Kaus who suggested that we start a blog back in 2005. Professor Glenn Reynolds who has helped bring a lot of volume to this website. Not only is Professor Reynolds a top legal scholar, but he's arguably the best blogger. Professor Mark Perry who gave us some advice on archiving a website . Robert Stacy McCain gave us some advice on how to be a better blogger. Ben Cunningham for sending us some important stories and for moral support. Gary North who helped us early on with some suggestions on how to make the website better.All the people I've singled out are not responsible for my errors in judgement or any views expressed on this website. Thanks to anyone who's sent us a link or linked to us on a website. Lastly, we'd like to thank a former FBI agent who has been a loyal reader and encouraged us to put out information.