Sunday, December 02, 2012

Flashback: Skull and Bones Member George W. Bush Appoints Liberal Democrat Because He's a Skull and Bones Member

Flashback 2008. The Jewish Daily Forward reports on Skull and Bones:
When attorney Donald Etra was invited to join President Bush at Camp David for a spring weekend in 2005, the invitation put him in a quandary. It was already Friday afternoon, and Etra, an Orthodox Jew, feared that if he traveled by car from the White House as planned, he’d never make it to the presidential retreat by sundown.
There's more:
Etra, 60, a high-powered Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, has known Bush since the two men were friends at Yale University. Members of the class of 1968, the two pals joined Skull and Bones, the prestigious secret society. The future president even traveled once to Manhattan’s Upper East Side from New Haven, Conn., to share a Sabbath meal with Etra’s family.
Two political parties: one ideology of big government. Etra isn't an ordinary liberal activist.
If Etra’s publicly reported contributions don’t reveal much about his leanings, other hints along the way speak volumes. He was a supporter of the recalled Democratic ex-governor of California, Gray Davis. He is pro-choice. In the early 1970s he co-authored a book on Citibank with Ralph Nader, then known for his firebrand consumer advocacy.
Nader activist and Skull and Bones member Donald Etra gets the nod from George W. Bush.