Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Victory of the Demagogue: The Secret of the Obama 2012 Victory

The American Thinker reports:
What is that Democratic base? It's quite simple, a cobbled, bare majority of "victims" comprised of blacks, browns and women. It didn't matter to them that their unemployment was at record highs and their communities and lives devastated the last four years. It didn't matter that the President deliberately killed the oil, gas and coal industries and hundreds of thousands of jobs, or supported the teachers' unions over the right of their children to get vouchers to go to quality schools of their choice, or supported the auto unions over the mom and pop shareholders who owned stock, or that he crushed the middle class. It didn't matter to young people that they are personally bankrupt before they start out in life, already burdened by over $200,000 in national debt per person in their generation. And Obama ain't done yet.
The Obama coalition.