Monday, November 05, 2012

Obama Got Advice in June From Chicago Mob Linked Alderman Ed Burke

He's got more money in his campaign fund than Rahm Emanuel and Governor Pat Quinn. He's the boss of Chicago,Cook County , and the corrupt Democrat Party Machine. He's been identified by a top FBI informant as the Chicago Mob's guy (in the 1980's) on Chicago's Finance Committee. In June, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Barack Obama stopped his golf game in Chicago to get advice from Chicago Mob linked Alderman Ed Burke:
“Keep your head down . . . and swing easy.” Thus was the caddyshack cajoling advise given to President Obama by Ald. Ed Burke during a surprise encounter with POTUS at the Beverly Country Club Sunday.
There's more:
While helicopters hovered, cellphones clicked, heads bobbed, and the Secret Service zipped around in golf carts, President Obama made a brief detour to have a sidebar with an old friend: Ald. Ed Burke.
Friends for life:
“I was totally surprised,” said Burke, who was also golfing at the prestigious South Side club with Judge Terry Lavin. “I was waiting at the first hole while he [the president] was finishing up at the ninth hole, when he graciously came over and inquired about Anne [Burke’s wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke] and Travis [the Burkes’ African-American son.]”
Check out the free wallets Alderman Burke and his wife are giving away. No word yet on whether Barack Obama is getting one of those wallets for free. Also , no word yet on whether Barack Obama is happy that Alderman Ed Burke refers to blacks as n#ggers(page 162) and doesn't sue mainstream publishers for quoting him as such.