Wednesday, October 10, 2012

David Gregory's Wife as FTC Legal Sharpshooter

The Huffington Post reports:
When the Federal Trade Commission recently intensified its probe of Internet giant Google, it hired the high-powered Washington lawyer who helped send Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to the death chamber.
They hired the wife of NBC's David Gregory, Beth Wilkinson:
In February 2006, she became Fannie Mae's general counsel amid its highly publicized accounting scandals. Fannie acknowledged errors and restated past earnings by $6.3 billion. Wilkinson negotiated a 2006 federal settlement in which Fannie paid $400 million to end the probe. Part of Wilkinson's $3.1 million-a-year job was battling Republican opponents of Fannie, a debate still raging today. She strongly defended the agency, according to a policy expert who often disagreed with her.
You probably will not see too many Fannie Mae stories from David Gregory.