Saturday, February 04, 2012

Harvard Professor Attacks Mitt Romney As "Stealth Tea Party Candidate"

She's a statist academic who's an activist member of the Democrat party. Professor Theda Skocpol takes to the pages of the Washington Post to warn America that Mitt Romney is a "stealth Tea Party candidate":
Romney has become the stealth tea party candidate, endorsing the essence of the movement while remaining unburdened by its public label. This makes him the ideal tea party candidate for the general-election battle against President Obama.
That's right, Mitt Romney of Blue Massachusetts is secretly some fan of Mises and Hayek! The Washington Post really should identify a partisan person who works at an institution as more than the :
Victor S. Thomas professor of government and sociology at Harvard University
After all, Professor Skocpol works at Harvard, one of Obama's biggest donors. Those upper class Harvard professors sure are "non-partisan".