Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Fitzgerald Protecting Obama From the Blagojevich Trial???

Nuclear Chicago reports:
As an update to my continuing effort to construct a biography of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as well as provide special reporting related to the retrial of Milorad Blagojevich, I am writing this morning to officially report upon and inform The May Report and NuclearChicago readership of the following:

At approximately 9:15a this past Thursday morning, while en route to the Federal Courts to continue our coverage of USA v. Blagojevich – Nuclear Chicago published the following headline:

USA v. Blagojevich Retrial: US Attorney Patrick “The Sandbagger” Fitzgerald?

Among other factors, the prevailing basis for same sensational headline as well as related analysis was due to the fact that Antoin “Tony” Rezko – Uber Confidante to Blagojevich, Obama and Nadhmi Auchi – had not yet testified as a Federal Government Witness in USA v. Blagojevich.

Same refusal by US Attorney Fitzgerald to place Rezko in the Witness Box to bury Blagojevich further corroborates the brutal realities that US Attorney Fitzgerald has been running egregious political interference to both benefit and protect Team Obama (i.e., Allison Davis, Dr. Eric Whitaker, Marty Nesbitt, et al).

Simply put – Antoin “Tony” Rezko is the only witness that can bury Blagojevich and the Chicago Political Thuggery Machine. Why is Fitzgerald holding back Rezko? What has been promised or implied to Fitzgerald as a “reward” for Fitzgerald’s blatant sandbagging efforts.

Same egregious political interference by Fitzgerald can be traced back to as early as 2006 when the Chicago Tribune was preparing to publish an exclusive scoop that convicted felon and Federal Goverment informant John Thomas (formerly Berard Barton) was parading around Chicago procuring taped conversations and other evidence against politicians that were visiting Rezko’s real estate office on the near north side of the City. Evidently, same surveillance efforts procured damaging information against then US Senator Obama and Governor Blagojevich.

As reported in an earlier update (and according to a well-placed source at the Chicago Tribune), the Chicago Tribune finally capitulated to Fitzgerald’s demands and efforts to stop same exclusive John Thomas scoop only when Fitzgerald informed the Tribune that same exclusive John Thomas scoop would impair a 2008 Obama Presidential campaign. Upon being informed of 2008 Obama Presidential campaign implications – the Tribune terminated its efforts. Same scoop was ultimately published in May 2007 via Crain’s Chicago Business to serve as a ‘heads-up’ to Obama for America Treasurer and Chicago Housing Authority Chairman Marty Nesbitt. Same ‘heads-up’ was yet another example of political interference as John Thomas was actively trying to purchase prime real estate owned by the Chicago Housing Authority – 626 West Jackson.

US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald — a modern day Elliot Ness with a Harvard Law Degree?

You'll want to read the whole thing. No word yet on this one from Blagojevich associate Eric Holder of Rosemont casino fame. Is John "No Nose" DiFronzo's favorite Attorney General Eric Holder???