Thursday, March 24, 2011

Census 2010: Chicago Only Top 10 City to Lose Population

With this afternoon's release of the official 2010 census numbers for New York City , all nine cities (with populations over 1 million )census numbers are out. So here's the top 10 cities in America:

  1. New York 8,175,133
  2. L.A. 3,792,621
  3. Chicago 2,695,598
  4. Houston 2,099,451
  5. Philadelphia 1,526,006
  6. Phoenix 1,445,632
  7. San Antonio 1,327,407
  8. San Diego 1,307,402
  9. Dallas 1,197,816
  10. San Jose 945,942

Only Chicago lost population. Congratulations to Mayor Daley and the whole Democratic party machine who caused a net loss of 200,000 people. Newsweek says Mayor Daley
leaves behind a glittering metropolis that Chicagoans rightly love and outsiders can only envy.
Newsweek really knows how to cover the news with fantasy style analysis! Is Mayor Daley the white man's Coleman Young? It appears so.