Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Top 100 Paid Teacher Salaries in Illinois: The Good Life on a 36 Week Work Year;14,000 Illinois High School Teachers Make +$100k

Champion News reports on America's upper income earners: some Illinois public school teachers.
Apparently there is no tax money for the barren shelves at food pantries or the lack of beds at homeless shelters or to extend unemployment benefits but there is enough tax money to pay for:

* A Phys Ed teacher $191,124 for a 9 month work year.
* 19 who made more over $1,000/day including 6 Phys Ed and three drama/music teachers.
* A Drivers Ed teacher who salary is $18,205/month to teach teenagers how to parallel park.
* Six teachers make more than the Governor's $177,500.
* Top 100 Teachers average $17,603 per month salary.
Check out the speadsheet  which has the actual names of the well-to-do. You might call it the triumph of the physical education teachers in the financially strapped state of Illinois! 6 of the top 12 paid teachers in Illinois are p.e. teachers! We'd like to thank Professor Mark Perry for linking us on this one.