Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicago Tribune Slams IL-10 Democrat Candidate For Lying

The Chicago Tribune has a nasty editorial concerning Democrat Dan Seals:
You can get immune to candidates taking liberties with the truth as they rip each other during campaigns, but sometimes they mislead voters so badly you have to call them on it. Such is the case with Democrat Dan Seals.

Seals is running for the U.S. House in the north suburban 10th District. He and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are running ads that say Republican Robert Dold is "too extreme" on abortion. But they don't cite Dold's own words or views on abortion. That wouldn't work, because Dold plainly says he supports abortion rights.
This is the same Dan Seals who supports the ObamaCare bill with racial quotas for medical schools. Plus who could forget that Dan Seals doesn't mind ObamaCare's new 3.8% real estate tax on home sales for many residents in IL-10 ( we couldn't say in his district because he lives in comrade Jan Schakowsky's district).