Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chicago's Proposed New Gun Ordinance: Only 1 handgun allowed , Gun Registry, Ban on Gun Stores

CBS Chicago reports on the new draconian handgun regulations in the works from Chicago Corporation Counsel Mara Georges:
She said that limiting Chicago residents to one handgun would pass constitutional muster. Nowhere has the court determined that "a person is entitled to more than one handgun," she said. "And one handgun is sufficient for self defense."

She said banning gun shops in the city is another reasonable restriction. She said studies have shown a disproportionate number of shootings near gun shops and because there are dozens of gun shops in the Chicago area — 40 in Cook County alone — a ban would not inconvenience gun buyers.

But one gun rights supporter said many of Georges' suggestions all but assure a legal battle, calling them "preposterous" and a violation of gun owners' civil rights.
Mara Georges, in the last couple of years, said the 2nd Amendment didn't apply to Chicago. No word yet on whether Mara Georges and Mayor Daley think the government can tell you how many books you can read or buy. In other Chicago handgun regulations news, the man running things in Chicago, Alderman Burke wants a gun registry:
One day after the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a death blow to the city's 28-year-old handgun ban, the Police and Fire Committee met to discuss ways to rewrite the old ordinance so that it will work within the confines of the new law.

But it looks like one person, one gun and a new gun offender registry could soon be part of the legal landscape here in Chicago.

The longest-serving alderman in the history of Chicago thinks convicted gun offenders in the city of Chicago should have to register, much like sex offenders. Ald. Ed Burke, of the 14th Ward, says the registry would be a useful tool for police as they respond to emergencies and pull over potential suspects.

Alderman Burke was there in 1982 as a key point man to pass Chicago's unconstitutional handgun ban as Chairman of the Chicago City Council Police and Fire Committee. We are sure some Chicago police officers would like to know who has a gun, it would make things easier.