Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unions put 'bounty' on reformers

The New York Post reports:
Hell hath no fury like the teachers unions scorned.

The labor groups — still steaming over the Senate's surprise vote last month to boost the cap on charter schools — are promising candidates as much as $200,000 in campaign cash to take on leading charter proponent Sen. Craig Johnson (D-LI), The Post has learned.

The unions' anti-charter "bounty" — as Johnson dubbed it — came to light in a bumbling recruitment call to an Elmont attorney who labor leaders hoped would challenge the two-term senator in a primary.

The attorney, Carrié Solages, received the unsolicited phone call Monday morning from Jeffrey Rozran — a New York State United Teachers board member and president of the Syosset Teachers Association — offering him financial support and backing from the left-wing Working Families Party.