Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago Man, 80, 'did what he had to do,' killing home invader

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
An 80-year-old Army veteran shot and killed an armed man who’d broken in to the two-flat where he and his wife live in East Garfield Park early this morning and fired at him.

He did what his son said “he had to do” after having vowed not to be victimized again following a robbery months earlier.

Neither the man nor his wife was hurt.

He was questioned by police and released without any charges being filed.

The dead man has a history of drug and weapons convictions. Police said they are continuing to investigate.
Just think , a majority of Chicago voters think it's not alright for an 80 year old man to defend himself in his house. We predict the Cook County States Attorney's Office will not try and prosecute an 80 year old on Chicago's handgun ban. But, if you are 50 years old, don't try defending yourself in Chicago: