Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chicago Taxpayers Will Be Forced to Bail Out Public Pension Funds

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Chicago taxpayers will be forced to dig deeper -- and so will city workers -- to bail out four city employee pension funds that will run out of money by 2030, a Mayor Daley-appointed commission has concluded.

"There is no low- or no-cost solution to this problem. . . . Deferring action is not a viable option," said a draft of the final report, obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.
No word yet from Chicago Mob linked Alderman Ed Burke who:
As Chairman of the City Council’s powerful Committee on Finance, Alderman Burke holds the city’s purse strings and is responsible for all legislative matters pertaining to the city’s finances, including municipal bonds, taxes and revenue matters. Alderman Burke became Chairman for the second time in 1989. He previously served from 1983 to 1987.
Great moments in Blue America!