Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chicago Mob Linked Mayor Daley Wants People to Turn in Their Guns

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Holding up an assault weapon surrendered for cash, Mayor Daley urged Chicagoans today to turn in their weapons on May 8 to stop the violence that prompted two state lawmakers to suggest bringing in the National Guard.

“How would you like to have this gun aimed at a police officer, your son or daughter, mother or father or your brother or sister?’’ Daley asked. “ . . . This is the most frightening aspect of America. We love our guns and we think guns are gonna solve issues.”

He added: “I wish the President would call upon people to turn in their guns. I wish the governor would do that —all elected officials — and say, ‘Guns destroy people.’ ’’

Police Superintendent Jody Weis noted that Chicago Police officers confiscated more weapons over the last year than New York and Los Angeles combined. He urged Chicagoans to turn them in voluntarily.
No word yet from Mayor Daley's close friend and campaign contributor, Chicago Mob associate Fred Barbara on this one. For a look at Mayor Daley's campaigning with a known mafia figure , click on this.