Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anne Burke's Former Chicago Mob Client Diamond Thief Jerry "Joe" Scalise Arrested

Chicago Mob diamond thief Jerry "Joe" Scalise was arrested trying to:
break into the fortress-like Bridgeport home of their feared late mob boss, Angelo "The Hook" LaPietra, where they believed a fortune could be hidden.
Here's a flashback to the Chicago Sun-Times on April 26, 1987:
Two Chicago jewel thieves are being held for ransom in British prisons, according to their Windy City lawyer.

The ransom demand: location of a $1 million gem and information on the crime syndicate.

Attorney Anne Burke said that's the real reason the Brits are holding onto her clients, Joseph "Jerry" Scalise and Arthur "The Genius" Rachel.

Burke said Scotland Yard detectives recently have been visiting Scalise in his prison on the Isle of Wight in an apparent effort to learn the whereabouts of the Marlborough diamond.
Here's the legal work Anne Burke did for Scalise up against the U.S. Justice Department. Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, the former Chicago Mob lawyer. Here's more on Jerry Scalise:
The grisly nature of the chop shop business In the late 1970s was underscored by 14 unsolved murders of individuals linked to this most lucrative enterprise. Several of these killings were linked to Dauber who was to eventually find himself outside the mob's good graces, and especially with "Butch" Petrocelli and Jerry Scalise, a thief with a proclivity for jewelry. Scalise who had traveled to merry old England and snatched the famed Marlborough Diamond several years earlier from a British arcade, reportedly wanted to "ice" Dauber. His objective was to force the other salvage yard owners In the South Suburbs to begin paying a street tax directly to the Outfit. Indeed, Dauber and his attractive, but loose-lipped wife Charlotte had much to fear from their one-time associates. Charlotte Dauber had been shooting her mouth off and was bitterly complaining that her husband's bosses did not properly appreciate his value to the mob as a feared enforcer.
No word yet from Anne Burke or Alderman Ed Burke on Jerry Scalise's arrest.