Thursday, October 29, 2009

On Page 1213 of Pelosi Health Bill : Vending Machines, To Ensure Everyone Will See Nutrition Labels on Items Before Purchasing Their Food

A look into Pelosi's massive health care has begun. Here's the entire 1990 page(PDF) bill. Here's more information. Here's the "restrictions" on vending machines on page 1213:
Page 1213: There is language in the bill regulating vending machines, to ensure everyone will see nutrition labels on items before purchasing their food. See language here:

‘(viii) VENDING MACHINES.—In the case of an
18 article of food sold from a vending machine that—
19 ‘‘(I) does not permit a prospective pur20
chaser to examine the Nutrition Facts Panel
21 before purchasing the article or does not other22
wise provide visible nutrition information at the
23 point of purchase; and
1 ‘‘(II) is operated by a person who is en2
gaged in the business of owning or operating 20
3 or more vending machines,
4 the vending machine operator shall provide a sign in
5 close proximity to each article of food or the selec6
tion button that includes a clear and conspicuous
7 statement disclosing the number of calories con8
tained in the article.
The road to total government.