Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flashback 1999: Chicago's City Council Passes Resolution Honoring Made Member of Chicago Mob Fred Roti 6 Weeks After DOJ Named Roti a " Boss"

Flashback August 11, 1999. The U.S Justice Department named Chicago Alderman Fred Roti a "high ranking made member" of the Chicago Mob(Check out pages 27 and 47) of this civil racketeering indictment.Roti died on September 20, 1999. On September 29, 1999 Chicago's City Council lead by Alderman Burke and Mayor Daley voted and passed ( on pages 11238,11239,and 11240) a resolution honoring the life of Roti.Here's a quote:
Fred B.Roti, a committed public servant, a cherished friend of many and good neighbor to all,will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by his many family members,friends and associates
Here's what the Justice Department said about Fred Roti :
Fred Roti was convicted of RICO conspiracy, bribery and extortion regarding the fixing of criminal cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County, including murder cases involving organized crime members or associates and was sentenced to 48 months' imprisonment. Roti was released from prison in 1997. As First Ward alderman, Roti was a key political patronage boss
Chicago Democrats honoring the life of one of the most dangerous criminals ever to walk the streets of America. Here's some history of Chicago.