Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flashback 1982: Chicago Bans Handguns , Alderman Burke Works With High Ranking Made Member of Chicago Mob Fred Roti to Disarm Law Abiding Residents

Chicago's handgun ban it one of the strictest in the nation. The ban also has a history that no other handgun ban has. Powerful Chicago Alderman Ed Burke worked with Alderman Fred Roti , a "high ranking made member" of the Chicago Mob, to disarm law abiding citizens. Here's the setup. Jane Byrne is Mayor of Chicago. The Chicago Tribune has a column written by Robert Davis, titled " MAYOR'S FORCES WIN HANDGUN CURB FIGHT" page A1 March 20,1982 (Sorry no link). Here's a important quote from the article:
Passage of the ordinance came after a long series of meetings of the council's police and fire committee, headed by Burke
When the full council met, pressure had to be applied:
As Friday's council session began,[Mayor] Byrne feared the vote was too close to call.There was extensive backroom debate to determine if the matter should be brought up. But, Byrne allies,primarily Alderman Fred Roti(1st), Edward Burke(14th)and Wilson Frost(34th), moved through the council chambers, persuading wavering aldermen to back the mayor's proposals.
Still,Some of Byrne's staunchest allies,including Alderman Robert Shaw(9th) and Richard Mell(33rd),deserted ranks and voted against the ordinance.Streets and Sanitation Commissioner John Donovan made a last-minute deal with at least three aldermen who threatened to walk out of the meeting to avoid voting for the proposal.Donovan promised to improve city services in their wards.
Chicago got it's gun handgun ban. The ordinance allows police officers and Aldermen to own handguns but virtually no one else. That fact that Alderman Roti was a high ranking made member of the Chicago Mob and could own a handgun, but the rest of the population couldn't shows the twisted mindset of Chicago politicians. Today, in 2009, Alderman Burke has armed body guards paid for by the Chicago taxpayers.