Sunday, May 31, 2009

Illinois Senate Passes 67% Income Tax Increase !

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Senate Democrats attempted to jump-start a tax hike on the eve of the legislature's scheduled adjournment, approving a plan to increase personal income taxes by 67 percent and broaden the sales tax to include services such as cable TV.

The 31-27 Senate vote late Saturday capped a long day of political chaos that enveloped the Capitol as House Democrats tried to advance their own alternative plan -- increasing income taxes by 50 percent for two years -- even though they appear to lack the votes to pass it without Republican help that's not forthcoming.

Facing a late night Sunday deadline, Democrats under House Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago began preparing the equivalent of a political punt -- formulating a state spending plan that would keep normal state operations going for the budget year that begins July 1 but not last the full year.

The action, which unfolded on the floor of the House and Senate and in a series of closed-door meetings among legislative leaders and Gov. Pat Quinn, demonstrated the dilemma of Democrats who rule Springfield. They're trying to deal with a huge budget gap while trying to keep control in next year's elections.
You'll want to read this one. One of the Illinois State Senators who voted for the massive tax increase is Chicago Mob linked Assistant Majority Leader James DeLeo.