Wednesday, February 04, 2009

U.S. investigation of Chicago police torture widens

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Federal prosecutors continue to investigate decades-old allegations that Chicago police routinely tortured murder suspects, focusing on a half-dozen detectives following the recent indictment of former Cmdr. Jon Burge, the alleged ringleader, sources said.

Subpoenas served on the city show that prosecutors are looking at detectives long linked to Burge and the South Side precincts where he worked mostly during the 1980s. Among them: former Sgt. John Byrne, considered Burge's right-hand man, and former detective Peter Dignan.
Do you think gun control is working well in Chicago when only police can own guns? Torturing became easier when this man decided he wanted to ban handguns in Chicago. No word from former Chicago Chief of Detectives William Hanhardt on this one.