Saturday, February 07, 2009

1430 Boston Cops Makes Over 100K,500 Firemen Make 100K

The Boston Herald reports:
Boston police Commissioner Edward Davis is slapping the cuffs on overtime, desperately trying to cut costs as new payroll figures obtained by the Herald show 1,430 Hub cops earned more than $100,000 last year.

Davis told the Herald the department has launched a 90-day attack on OT as city leaders confront a financial catastrophe.

“We’re facing a crisis,” Davis said. “We need to walk that tightrope between fighting crime and controlling overtime.”

Crime dropped by 15 percent in January, he said.

But City Councilor Stephen Murphy, calling the cop OT tally “unacceptable,” said, “The commissioner and his managers are going to have to come (before the council) to defend it.”

Payroll records obtained by the Herald yesterday show 22 officers pulled in $200,000-plus last year, with each logging lengthy overtime shifts.
Remember,federal taxpayers: TARP and other stimulus packages are there to "help" the city of Boston pay these kind of generous wages and benefits.No word yet on the Obama administration talking about "excessive" compensation in the public sector.