Friday, December 12, 2008

Man behind curtain is wizard of Rod, Rahm

John Kass reports on Obama and Rahm Emanuel and State Senator Jimmy DeLeo:
He could have just asked Emanuel, but he wasn't there, and reporters kept wondering, "Where's Rahm? Where's Rahm?" What they should have been asking is, "Where's Jimmy?"

As in state Sen. James DeLeo (D-How You Doin?)

DeLeo is an extremely powerful politician. You know this because he's hardly ever quoted in newspaper stories.

Emanuel and DeLeo have a relationship. Emanuel is the congressman from the 5th Congressional District, where DeLeo is the Democratic state central committeeman. What hasn't been reported on much is that Emanuel has not yet resigned from the House. And if you want to play politics in Jimmy's sandbox, you need his OK.

DeLeo is also considered by some to be the real governor of Illinois. Blagojevich is the nutty guy who makes the speeches and gets the federal slap. They're so close that if Jimmy suddenly stopped walking, Rod would chip his teeth on the back of Jimmy's head.

Few people can say they ate meals with this "made member" of the Chicago Mob at Counselor's Row restaurant but Jimmy DeLeo can.Just so you know, Obama is a good friend of Jimmy DeLeo's.For more on Jimmy DeLeo and the company he keeps.Jimmy DeLeo plead guilty to a misdemeanor in the Operation Greylord scandal.Operation Greylord was one the biggest judicial scandals in U.S. history in which several Cook County judges were convicted of taking bribes.Jimmy DeLeo knows all about being a bagman for corrupt judges.