Sunday, December 21, 2008

FBI Informant Robert Cooley Accuses Chicago Alderman Ed Burke of Fixing Murder Cases and Chicago Mob Ties:"Was One of My Main Targets"

ABC TV Chicago did a story, on the stunning accusation, that FBI informant Robert Cooley claims Rod Blagojevich was a bookmaker(years ago) for the Chicago Mob who paid a street tax to operate.ABC TV Chicago did a follow up story, in which former senior FBI agent James Wagner confirmed that Robert Cooley made these bookmaking allegations against Blagojevich years ago.ABC TV showed an excerpt of a internet interview Cooley making these allegations.What ABC TV Chicago didn't report on was the more stunning allegations,in the internet interview, that Robert Cooley made against Chicago Alderman Ed Burke and his wife Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke.Although Cooley doesn't mention their names,there's no doubt who Cooley's accusing.Here's FBI informant Robert Cooley's words(go to the 11:45 marker in the video down below):
The people in power,the first thing they have to do,they have to get control of the media.The perfect example was my case.The main person that I attempted to give information on,the person who was in charge of a lot of things the person who was able to pick all the judges,was one of my main targets.While he also happens to be the same person who's able to give out all the money ,in the city, he's Chairman of Finance Committee in Chicago.He was able to hire the U.S. Attorney who was supposed to prosecute him,pay him huge sums of money and he never got prosecuted.There was no explanation as to why he didn't .He just was not prosecuted.To this day he continues there in that same position where he's able to pick all the judges,he's Chairman of the Democratic Judicial Slating Committee.He picks all the judges in Chicago.After I reported what I did and it was out there,that he was fixing murder cases and molesting cases, himself and his wife.His wife afterwards was appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court where she sits today.When she ran for re-election nobody dared oppose her.I mean that's the basic problem with Chicago and why Chicago will not change,because the people in charge are the most powerful people,have the media in their pockets.What I did when I came foreward,was I attempted to give information to different people in the media both the TV people,also the newspaper people.They indicated they could not do my story without verification from the judge involved.I convinced the judge involved to go on the record.He was terrified,he didn't want to because he was afraid of the mob connections of this particular person.He eventually did.After he did the reporter reported back to me: we are not allowed to do this story,end of conversation.We are not allowed to do this story on him.That's why you have the problem you have in Chicago and it will not change.