Friday, October 10, 2008

Rezko Talking to Feds About Politically Connected Bank-Chicago Sun-Times Reports

Michael Sneed of The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Tony Rezko, who is now singing sweetly to the feds from his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, has been talking about his "dealings" with a Chicago bank, which has political connections.

Stay tuned.
We don't know exactly which bank it is but here's one bank Tony Rezko dealt with.Broadway Bank:
Senator Obama kept campaign funds at his good friend Alexi Giannoulias' Broadway Bank in 2004.The Broadway Bank made news for an important loan to the Chicago Mob.But,Broadway is also a tied to Tony Rezko.
Broadway owned by Giannoulias:
Loaned Rezko Project $11 million:
"Rezko and his then-partner in Chicago-Hudson LLC, Daniel Muhra [sic], purchased
the site in 2001. But preconstruction sales for the units, priced from about
$300,000 to $600,000, floundered, and construction never proceeded. In early
2002 the partnership borrowed about $10.9 million from Chicago-based Broadway
Bank to carry the land, according to the bankruptcy filing." — From the Chicago
Tribune on 5/23/06
Here's Obama's warm endorsement for Chicago Mob linked banker Alexi Giannoulias.
Is Barack Obama a target of Operation Board Games?