Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rezko singing about Chicago Mob Linked Banker Alexi Giannoulias?

Hot Air reports what many suspect around Chicago this weekend.Hot Air quotes Hillbuzz:
We just spoke with someone well-connected in Chicago politics who told us that the bank Sneed is talking about has to be Broadway Bank, which is owned by the politically-connected Giannoulias family. We were told that Sneed’s column confirms rumblings people we know heard independently that Tony Rezko is giving up the Giannoulias family to Patrick Fitzgerald — Rezko and the Giannoulias family are as close and tied together as anyone in Chicago could be. If Rezko is turning on them, then Rezko is going to give up Governor Rod Blagojevich and Obama too.
For more on Alexi Giannoulias and the Chicago Mob.Obama has had a banking relationship with Giannoulias and so close to him he endorsed him for public office.
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