Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama's New Fundraising Mechanism

Steve Rhodes reports:
“On July 11, the Obama operation created an additional new fund-raising arm that has been fund-raising below the radar, in a drive to collect and funnel money to Democratic parties in 18 key battleground states to register voters and turn out the vote for Barack Obama and down ticket Democratic contests,” Lynn Sweet reports today.

“The ‘Committee for Change’ just as ‘Obama for America’ and the ‘Obama Victory Fund’ - is part of the effort to elect Obama. By forming a third committee, the Obama campaign can go to donors who have given the maximum under federal contribution limits imposed on the first two committees but have not totally ‘maxed out’.”

This is all perfectly legal, but Sweet notes that it’s also part-and-parcel of the consistently secretive nature of the Obama campaign that flies in the face of its rhetoric.
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